Goop, It's What's for Dinner



The other night I tweeted that I had made goop for dinner.

Then, as I was going through photos on my computer, I realized, I had a start of a theme going ...


This has been unintentional.

Dinner was supposed to be black bean croquettes. I didn't follow a recipe, per se, but I put together something close to this. It remained squishy no matter the tinkering and finally I gave up.

As for the image above ... those are vegan pumpkin brownies from Post Punk Kitchen I made for the company's Thanksgiving lunch.

I knew when making them that the pumpkin topping was going to be too moist to set. I also made the mistake of using parchment paper in the pan and not cutting it down — a move, I think, affected how the brownies baked.

They were good. But they had to be eaten with a spoon!

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