Skunx Chef Pub



I knew I was hungry when I stopped by Skunx Chef Pub for lunch, but I didn't realize the degree until I started to dig into the arugula salad ($6).


It's a straight-forward salad: arugula, a bit of tomato and onion, a tart vinaigrette. It couldn't have been better. After a holiday onslaught of creamed vegetables, this was exactly what I wanted.

While I was a fan of the pizza at the owner's previous restaurant Overton Park Pizze Stone, I opted for the Panini #3 ($9), homemade mozzarella, tomato, and basil.


This is basically a Margherita pizza in sandwich form, and it was very good. And while I did have a bit of sticker shock over my $15 lunch, the portions are generous and I took most of it home to eat for dinner.

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