Clubbed: RP Tracks, Boscos


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I'm sensing some sandwich mania. This week's Food News column is about the serious sandwiching going on at bleu and eighty3, and I was recently contacted by a national magazine that's doing a feature on sandwiches from across the country.

Here are two vegetarian takes on the classic club.


I've been ordering the Grilled Portabella Club ($9) Boscos Squared for years. It's a marinated chargrilled portabella with cheese, peppers, and basil mayonnaise. So good, so pretty.


The Vegetarian Club is from RP Tracks ($8.50), known for their wonderful barbecue tofu nachos. This sandwich utilizes tofu as well. The tofu is marinated and grilled and is really good. There's a sweet tomato-dijon aioli, and the very clever hickory-smoked coconut.

This sandwich is one of the restaurant's new vegetarian dishes. The others are a tofu wrap, Portabellisimo with spinach and feta cheese on focaccia, and the Celestial tofu sandwich with a pesto mustard sauce and sundried tomatoes.

The Vegetarian Club is a terrific sandwich. Go get you one.


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