March Madness and Cheladas


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Coworker C told me that he doesn't follow sports, but he does have season tickets to Tiger basketball. The way he explained it to me was that, while he's not a sports fan, he is a fan of Memphis.

As the 5 o'clock hour approached last Friday, Coworker C was getting a little antsy to get home and prepare a batch of Cheladas — a tradition he keeps before each Tiger appearance in the NCAA tournament.

I had never heard of Chelada. A little googling brought up the words "beer" and "clam juice."

That doesn't sound particularly good to me. But, the way Coworker C describes it, the Chelada — made with Clamato, a bit of lime, and beer — sounds much like a bloody mary with beer. (The similar Michelada is spicy.) Budweiser, by the way, sells Chelada in a can.

For the record, Coworker C isn't too keen on me mentioning his Chelada/March Madness ritual. He thinks it will jinx it.

I counter that, perhaps, it was the Chelada's fault that the Tigers had never gone the distance since this tradition was begun.

"No," C said. "I think they help. The problem is Pastner."


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