Breakroom Garden 2



Back in 2009, there was an attempt to grow a vegetable garden in a planter in the company's breakroom.

While there was some success with a few peppers and cucumbers, the garden did not thrive. The project was then abandoned, leaving a really horrible-looking swatch of dead plants.

Now it's time for attempt two.


This one was planted by Chris Davis, a talented home gardener who often shares cuttings, peppers, plums, etc.

The difference for this garden and the last one is that is mainly herbs, with a couple lettuces in there. The 2009 vegetable may have been too ambitious for an indoor garden. Pollination was blamed for the lack of produce. (It should be noted that I know next to nothing about gardening.)

The current garden includes: dill, Boxwood basil, sage, apple mint, sweet mint, rosemary, and Romaine.

It was planted about three weeks ago and so far so good, save for the lettuce, which is struggling.

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