I'm Never Cooking Again



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My friend and I talk a lot about food. Much of it revolves around cooking.

About a year ago, I started noticing a conversational quirk that keeps popping up. The scenario: She's talking about something she's cooking, asks what I've been making, then, before I reply, says, "Oh, that's right. You're never cooking again."

For the record, I have never said this. Nor have I even thought it. Realistically, it doesn't even seem possible. And, so what? So what if I never cook again?

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Truth be told, though, I'm not cooking.

I haven't been that interested, could care less.

I'm only hurting myself here. Cook at home, and you eat less and eat better.

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And what constitutes cooking anyway? I see it as use of stove and/or oven. Chopping. Some effort. Dishes to clean. Sandwiches don't count. Neither do most salads.


This spaghetti with lemon and arugula dish I made this weekend involved boiling and stirring. It's borderline. (A similar recipe.)

The pasta was bland and there was a ton of it. And so it goes.

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