Lunch with the Redbirds



The email read:

if anyone wants to take lunch at the redbirds game today there are 2 tics at the front desk - game started at 11

just sayin...

Enough said.


AutoZone Park has been repeatedly ranked in the top 10 of vegetarian friendly ballparks by PETA. Along with the BBQ nachos, hotdogs, etc., they offer vegetarian hot dogs and black bean burgers.

Normally I just get a bag of peanuts and a large-ass draft beer, but that tradition was dashed because I got there at the bottom of the 7th, which meant no beer, and I wasn't getting the peanuts without the beer.

So it was a grilled veggie dog for me (pictured above; $8.75 with large soda).

Not a bad way to spend a lunch hour. Not bad at all.

Your next chance to take lunch at the Redbirds game is Thursday, May 3rd.

BTW, the Redbirds lost today's game, 2-3, against the New Orleans Zephyrs.


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