YoLo, Cheffie's: A Tale of Two Gelatos



'Round about the time that Memphis saw the great second coming of frozen yogurt, someone told me about the divide that separates the ice cream lover from the fro-yo lover. Passions run high!, he said.

I don't get this at all, but, truth be told, in my book, frozen treats rank as such: ice cream > Gelato > frozen yogurt.

And, so I prefer ice cream, I did manage to choke down some gelato recently ...


Above is the Payday from YoLo (about $3.50).

It indeed tasted like the candybar, with its caramel and peanuts.


I had to get this Spumoni from Cheffie's because ... Spumoni! (about $5). It's pink and green is adorable, and I probably haven't had this since I was 8-years-old.

I couldn't really remember what Spumoni was, but one taste brought it back: pistachio, chocolate gelato dotted with dried cherries.

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