A Peek Inside Aldo's Pizza Pies



Pam and I were walking on South Main today, post-lunch, and noticed the door to soon-to-be Aldo's Pizza Pies wide open.

Inside, Aldo Sr. — his son Aldo Dean owns Aldo's Pizza Pies as well as Bardog and Slider Inn — was busy staining the bars made from reclaimed wood.

While there's still work to do — Aldo Sr. estimates an opening date as the end of the month — a quick look around suggests that this is going to be one good-looking spot.


The New York Times serves as wallpaper. It's the New York Times because the pizza will be New York-style.


In addition to a massive stainless steel mixer, there's this set of gleaming pizza ovens.


Aldo's Pizza Pies, 100 S. Main

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