Grove Grill's Picnic Dinners




The Live in the Garden series returns on June 16th with a concert by Chicago. And, once again, The Grove Grill will be offering picnic dinners to take along.

The dinners feed 2 to 4. This is from last year's menu, but offerings and prices will give you an idea of what's available ... Beef tenderloin ($25); pesto salmon ($21); chicken salad ($15); shrimp cocktail ($22).

Orders required 24 hours in advance. Call 818-9951.

When you pick up your picnic, you may want to stop by the Booksellers at Laurelwood for some Martha's Family Favorites treats.


Martha Flautt was featured in a story we ran about the Locavore Incubator Project at Miss Cordelia's. She creates diabetic-friendly treats that are organic and use Truvia.

The cookies and bars sold at the Booksellers at Laurelwood run about between $6 and $10.

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