Slawsa: The Condiment of My Dreams



The other night I dreamed* that I had had a huge party and was upset because things that I value had been destroyed. I was also mad about the empty jar of Slawsa on the counter, because damn-it-all-to-hell I hadn't had a chance to blog about it yet ...


Slawsa, straight outta Chattanooga, is a "cabbage-based salsa," sort of like chow chow, according to this Times Free Press story.

Given the name, I thought it would be a slaw/salsa hybrid, but it's not what I would consider to be salsa. I would deem it more a relish, and one that adds a nice mustard-y kick on top a hot dog. It's definitely sweet, and there's some heat to it as well. All in all, it would be a nice addition to your condiment repertoire, and it's certainly a must-try for cole slaw aficionados.


Slawsa costs about $3.50 and you can find it at Miss Cordelia's.

*Yes, dreaming about condiments is messed-up. Dreaming about blogging about condiments is just sad.

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