What We Talk About When We Talk About Kroger




For many of us of the insular Midtown-is-Memphis ilk, there is no grocery store in Midtown, quickly qualified as no decent grocery store. So when we talk about Kroger, we most certainly mean the Kroger on Mendenhall in East Memphis.

And so it goes that almost all adjectives lead to the Mendenhall Kroger. It is the Good Kroger, though that once referred to the one at Kirby Parkway. It is also the Kosher Kroger, while the Schnucks on Perkins when it was still Schnucks was the Kosher Schnucks.

Yes, of course, people still refer to the Kroger on Union as Schnucks or Seessel's or the Midtown Kroger. And, I absolutely refuse to acknowledge the Kroger at Poplar and Cleveland as the Ghetto Kroger. Come on now, really?

But what do we call the onetime Kosher Schnucks Kroger on Perkins? Anybody? Anybody? How about the Kroger just down a bit near the Home Depot? The one at Poplar Plaza? There are some 50 Krogers (!) in the area. They may not be Good or Kosher, but they could be Average, Awesome, or Appalling.

Who knows? Once the expansion of the Kroger on Union is done, maybe it will be the Decent Kroger.

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