Local Gastropub — Overton Square



Finally got a chance to check out the new Local in Overton Square.

The space is great-looking ... lots of tall windows, nice wood floors, little seating areas tucked here and there for intimate gatherings.


We started with the baked pretzels with a beer cheese fondue ($11). No complaints there.


One coworker opted for the special of the day — smoked brisket & green chili mac ($10). The brisket came covered in a Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce and a terrific spicy "firecracker" slaw.


Another ordered the goat cheese & crab enchiladas ($21). This comes with shrimp and a tomato relish.


The coworker who ordered the chef's grilled cheese ($10) was more than pleased. His reaction: Yum, yum, yum.


I got the Local burger ($12) with a veggie patty. This thing is massive. I had leftovers for dinner that night and lunch the next day.

You might have noticed that Local aint cheap. With the appetizer, drinks, and tip, this lunch for 4 came in just shy of $100.


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