Kudzu's Picked for Dive Bar Shirt Club



The downtown bar Kudzu's has been chosen as the dive bar of the month for February by Dive Bar Shirt Club.

The Dive Bar Shirt Club is what it sounds like. For $22 a month, members receive a T-shirt with the chosen bar's logo, plus the bar's vital stats.

The club is run by Cody Shoemake and Mike Edwards, who are based in Florida. Shoemake got the idea from a surfer shirt club he belonged to.

So what makes a dive bar?

"That's tricky," says Shoemake. "There are 11 different answers."

Shoemake says that a dive bar is rough around the edges but is comfortable to hang out in.

What it is not, he says, is dangerous, or what he calls a "die" bar.

The Dive Bar Shirt Club has been around for about 4 years. Kudzu's is the second bar in Memphis to be chosen for the club. The first was Earnestine & Hazel's.

Other notable bars that have made the club are the Melody Inn in Indianapolis and the famously leaning Green Door in Chicago.

Because Shoemake and Edwards can't visit every bar personally, they have a club member who lives in the nominated bar's city vouch for that bar's bona fides.

Shoemake and Edwards are currently casting for a host for a dive bar travel show. The pitch: "Do you know BEER? Do you know DIVE BARS? Then we want YOU!"

For more information on the club or the show, go to divebarshirtclub.com.

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