Wiseacre Gets Distiller License



Wiseacre Brewing Co. tweeted the news earlier this morning that it had obtained a distiller license (and purse and coat hooks too!).

So what does this mean?

Well, for one thing, there will be no distilling at Wiseacre. According to Kellan Bartosch, who owns Wiseacre with brother Davin, getting the license, which took months, was a Tennessee-shaped hoop that they jumped through in order to brew beers with a higher alcohol content than 6.2 percent. (All beverages with an alcohol content higher than 6.2 are sold at liquor stores.)

With the license in hand, the brewery is now in the planning stages of producing its first high-alcohol beer.

The beers will come in a larger format bottle, the better to share with friends, says Bartosch, and will be available in the "very near future," maybe as soon as two weeks.

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