BBQ Duck Confit Enchiladas



When I opened McEwen's menu, the first thing that jumped out at me was the BBQ Duck Confit Enchiladas. I had to get them!

When the appetizer was brought out, my eyes immediately focused on the two different sauces covering the enchiladas… BBQ sauce and a pepper jack cheese cream sauce. I was worried about how the two were going to taste together. That worry went away when I took my first bite. It tasted like a smoky, creamy BBQ cheese sauce. Yes, that’s a lot of flavors. The BBQ sauce had a tangy kick to it and the pepper jack cheese cream sauce matches it’s description, cheesy and creamy. It all combined together well to balance everything out.

My favorite part though more than anything was the duck. It was cooked PERFECTLY. The duck was well seasoned and had a rich taste to it. I could tell that a lot of tender loving care went into making sure that the duck was the star of the dish.

The appetizer comes with two duck enchiladas and will cost you $10.50. I wanted more. Maybe that’s the point, though. It’s the quality, not the quantity!

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