Oshi's Danger Dog



Danger, danger! Watch out for this dog! Normally a hotdog is just a hotdog, but that’s not the case with the Danger Dog at Oshi Burger Bar ($10). The Danger Dog is a Wagyu American Kobe Beef hotdog that’s completely wrapped in bacon and topped with crushed avocado, cotija cheese, chili aioli, and pico.

I immediately noticed how fresh everything tasted. The tomatoes, onions ,and cilantro from the pico were finely chopped and the avocado was smooth and creamy. The bacon is lightly wrapped around the hotdog and has a sweet and savory taste to it. The chili aioli reminded me of spicy mayo that you would get at a sushi restaurant… it’s to die for! The cotija cheese was the perfect choice to be sprinkled on top of everything because it was a bit salty and brought all the flavors together well. It’s similar to feta cheese. Even the bread was a nice surprise because it was toasted just right, yet still soft and delicious.

I can’t find one negative thing to say about this hotdog. I could have eaten three more. Maybe that’s why it’s so dangerous?

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