SkiMo’s Grilled Cheese Marshmallow Sandwich


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SkiMo’s grilled cheese marshmallow sandwich is on the kid’s menu. Don’t worry if you’re an adult. You can still order the sandwich, and it’s actually going to be added to the regular menu soon!

For $4.50 you get a yummy and gooey grilled cheese sandwich. It’s a large size for a child. The portion was perfect for me. Not complaining here! When I first heard about this sandwich, I didn’t think I’d like it. I prepared for a heavy taste and to experience flavor overload. That wasn’t the case at all!

The bread is crunchy and buttery. With each bite you get sticky, buttery sweetness. There’s a lot of melted marshmallow and you taste a hint of the cheese at the end after the sweetness fades away. As for the fries, they were a nice bonus on the plate. They weren’t salty but fried just right and focused on the heartiness of the potatoes. Eating the grilled cheese marshmallow sandwich is messy but in a fun way, like eating smores after you’ve melted them over a fire pit. This is a grilled cheese with a treat in the middle! 


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