Truck Stop Not Going Forward



Michael Tauer confirmed today that the Truck Stop, a restaurant planned for the corner of Central and Cooper will not go forward. 

Tauer and partner Taylor Berger had been working for two years on the Truck Stop, described as "a hybrid concept that combines a restaurant serving small plates, adult beverages, and desserts with parking space for a rotating cast of three food trucks."

The project was met with some resistance. A community meeting was held where some questioned the design and the effect on traffic. 

Tauer said the decision not to pursue the project was made in the last two weeks or so. 

"It got to the point where it was cost prohibitive," he says. 

He says it was not one issue that was causing an overrun, but was a cumulative effect, involving zoning, landscaping, engineering, site grading, curbs ... 

Tauer says that he and Berger are "sad and frustrated." "It was a concept unique to Memphis."

Tauer calls the corner of Cooper and Center an "amazing location." The future of the site remains with Loeb. 

There are no plans to put the Truck Stop at another site. 

"This is a big blow to us," says Tauer. 

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