Cafe Eclectic's Diablo Wrap


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I normally go to Café Eclectic for their amazing coffee menu and desserts, but their food menu is extremely diverse. I wanted to be bold and try their Diablo Wrap ($9).

The Diablo Wrap is filled with cream cheese, chicken, fresh spinach, caramelized onions, and garlic with extra spicy sauce. Let me just say this, WHEW! I grabbed my water right away. This wrap isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s a lot of extra spicy sauce in there, which is a mix of sriracha sauce, garlic, and light olive oil.

The chicken is chunky and tender and the fresh spinach adds a different, smooth texture. You can’t taste the caramelized onions or garlic and the cream cheese only appears at the bottom of the wrap. I wanted it to be mixed in throughout the entire thing. The extra spicy sauce definitely takes over and lingers on your tongue after you’re done eating.

If you like it hot, the Diablo Wrap is definitely for you.

Also, the Diablo Wrap comes with your choice of one side, so I picked the macaroni and cheese. It was thick, creamy, cheesey and had a light sprinkle of pepper. The noodles were soft. Everything melted in my mouth. A delicious bonus.


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