LBOE's Luther Burger


LBOE just opened up last October, but they’ve already come up with hundreds of burger creations. One sounded too amazing to pass up… and that’s the Luther Burger ($10.95).


The Luther Burger comes with an 8-ounce beef/hot sausage blended patty over a glazed donut, topped with American cheese, a fried egg and a Gibson’s maple bacon donut. I could smell the sweetness from the donuts the second the burger was placed in front of me.

The general manager and brains behind the burger, Tommy Shive said, “It’s definitely a fork and knife kind of burger,” he said. The burger is soft, juicy, and my favorite part… sweet and sugary. I was licking my fingers after every bite. The fried egg is creamy and it tastes great with the strong flavor of maple syrup. The meat is so tasty and definitely has a kick to it. It’s delicious. The bacon just adds texture. The burger has a hint of funnel cake flavor to it. I’m talking a high-class funnel cake. Shive did a fantastic job figuring out how to create an even balance between the flavors of the donut and the patty.

Dare I say it, this is the best burger I’ve eaten in Memphis. It’s so good that you forget that there are no condiments on it. That’s because you don’t need any. The patty itself is a star. When I finished, I found myself saying, “Well that’s gone. I want more.”

You’ll have to wait until the last Sunday of every month to get it, though. That’s the only time the Luther Burger is available. 

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