Doing Downtown Dining Week at Felicia Suzanne's


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Downtown Dining Week ended on Sunday. Hopefully, you took advantage of the opportunity to try some of Memphis’ best restaurants for a great price. I sure did! This was my chance to try Felicia Suzanne’s for the first time.


The menu provided plenty of options to choose from. I started with the BLFGT Salad. It’s baby greens tossed in remoulade sauce with crispy bacon, a spoonful of Flo’s Pickled Jalapeno Pimento Cheese and a fried green tomato. The salad is very fresh. The fried green tomato is crunchy, crispy and juicy. The bacon is from Porcellino’s and it was savory and delicious. As for the pimento cheese, it was just how I liked it… creamy and yummy. 



Then it was off to the second course. I went with the Sunday Sugo. It’s Claybrook Farms beef and Newman pork over Hanna Farm’s Stone Ground Grits with a rich Italian red sauce. It’s a nice portion of meat and the red sauce was light and tasted like tomatoes. I felt like I was eating a ten times better version of ravioli without the pasta. The beef and pork were hearty and the grits creamy. The dish was very well done.


The third course was all about the white chocolate coconut bread pudding with Pritchard’s Rum Sauce and spiced cream! I’d say that the rum sauce was the star. It tasted like rich caramel and brown sugar. Also, you can easily taste the coconut flakes inside the bread pudding. The bread pudding was rich but not excessive.


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