Hard Rock's Guinness & Jameson Bacon Cheeseburger


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The Hard Rock's Guinness & Jameson Bacon Cheeseburger ($14.95) — now here's a burger for St. Paddy’s Day. It’s a half-pound certified Angus beef patty topped with Jameson Irish Whiskey bacon jam and Guinness cheese sauce. The burger is served with seasonal fries and a Sriracha mayo dipping sauce.

The bun is lightly toasted, the meat is flavorful and very juicy, and the Guinness cheese sauce creamy with a light hint of Guinness. But it's the Irish Whiskey bacon jam that's the star. It’s caramelized just right, making it sweet, crunchy, and crazy good!

Overall, you’ve got yourself a creative, sweet, and cheesy burger. Try it today before it’s gone. The Guinness & Jameson Bacon Cheeseburger will be on the menu until April 10th.


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