Donut Factory Now Open on South Main



"Well, it's funny how this came about," says Alele "Paul" Ayanru. "First there was the space and what best to do with the space." 

Ayanru was an electrical engineer who had gotten into real estate, he says. A chance meeting with the landlord of the building at 8 S. Main eventually led to The Donut Factory, which opened last Friday. 

"I wanted to diversify," Ayanru says. "There are three things people always need: food, clothing, and shelter." 

He knew he wanted to do food, but wasn't sure exactly what to focus on. He began visiting restaurants around downtown. 

The small space limited what he would be able to do. He considered a deli, before landing on donuts. 


Ayanru says he researched what makes a good donut a good donut. The donuts so far have been cake, with lemon being a popular flavor. They may have yeast donuts as soon as this weekend. 

Other breakfast items include stuffed French toast and farmer's omelets. 

The Donut Factory is open 24/7. "Well, we have to be here until midnight at least prepping for the next day," Ayanru explains. 

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