Eating at IKEA


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On Monday, Bianca and I, along with what seems like most of Memphis, went to check out IKEA. 
After about three hours, we both agreed we needed to drag all our furniture to the curb and start over.

I knew but didn't fully appreciate until boots were on the ground that IKEA really isn't a dash-in sort of place. You go, you take your time, you eat ...

We both got IKEA's famous meatballs, though the veggie version. The generous plate came with the very good meatballs atop lentils with a side of veggies — all for just $4.49. I also got some fruit and a marzipan dessert. Bianca got a salad.

Then, it was down to the serious shopping. Bianca got a shoe organizer and some candy for her partner. I left with a rug and a basket. Both of us got a bag of those wonderful meatballs from the food market.


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