How to Drink Bourbon



It's almost that time, y'all. The Flyer's Bacon and Bourbon fest is happening on April 15th, and tickets are going fast. (Seriously, I wouldn't sit on this. Tickets will sell out.)

In anticipation of the event, we sought some bourbon knowledge from Amy Preske of Buffalo Trace.

What are the markers of a good bourbon?
Amy Preske: Taste, of course, is subjective, but I would recommend looking at the age of the bourbon as one of the markers. Now, oldest is not always best. Just because a bourbon is 25 years old doesn’t necessarily make it the one you should get. I’d recommend something aged at least 8 years, and believe the 8-12 year range is the sweet spot for the best taste.

There will be a number of bourbons at the event. What's the best way to taste them all?
Carefully and slowly! Remember to hydrate with water in between and eat plenty of food through the evening so you can appreciate the full flavors of the bourbons. And of course, arrange for a safe ride home.

Are there regional differences between bourbons? For instance, a Kentucky bourbon has a smoky flavor or something like that?
Not really regional differences, it’s more differences in the mashbill (recipe) and the aging that will make a bourbon different.

In addition to the bourbon, there will be bacon at the event. What foods pair well with bourbon?
It depends on what type of bourbon you are drinking, if it’s a big, bold bourbon that is uncut, (barrel proof), you may want a good piece of meat, like a good steak or hamburger to go with it. If it’s a wheat recipe bourbon, which tends to be a little sweeter, you may want a salad with a sweeter dressing or even a dessert. And of course, you can never go wrong with bacon!

Is there a correct way to drink bourbon? No! We always say drink it however you like it. If that’s straight, with ice, or mixed with a soda, there is no wrong way to drink bourbon.

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