Memphis Made to Can Beer Year-Round



It's an old beer commercial cliche where after the guy gets done bailing hay or something, he sits down with a beer, opens the can with a satisfying cryysssshhhhh, takes a head-tilting swig, and then settles back with a sated grin on his face. Aaaahhhhhhh.

And while I have acted out that same scenario simply by fetching beer out of the fridge and settling on my couch in front of the TV (we all have), I contend that the guy who deserves that cryysssshhhhh the most is one Drew Barton of Memphis Made Brewing Co.

Barton built the brewery its own canning machine. A canning machine. Built it!

The brewery has offered limited-run canned beers in the past using mobile canning machines. The new Bartronic 1000 Cannerator (not sure if that's the real name of the machine) will allow Memphis Made to get cans into stores. They will be starting the brewery's popular Fireside Amber Ale, which will debut during the Cooper-Young Festival. The beer will be in stores September 18th.

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