MSARC Transitions



Yesterday, County Mayor A C Wharton announced that the successful transition of the Memphis Sexual Assault Resource Center, commonly called MSARC, from city to county government.

“Since the initial announcement on June 8 discussing the transition of MSARC to the Health Department, department officials have been working diligently to ensure appropriate coordination and communications between all agencies and offices which use the services of MSARC, and to ensure there are no service gaps,” Wharton said.

MSARC will continue to offer a full range of services to children, adolescents, and adults who have been the victims of sexual assault, including forensic examinations and counseling. (Since it's still serving children, it makes you wonder why LeBonheur needed to start a program to treat child victims of sexual assault. I guess you can never have too many?)

Despite the shift, the center is still located on Union Ext.

On another note, MSARC was called the rape crisis center at one time. Wonder what name it will go by now? The Shelby County Sexual Assault Resource Center ... SCSARC?

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