Art School



Earlier this year, I wrote a story called "The Art of Teaching," a look at Memphis City Schools' new program to put art teachers in every elementary school.

(Before, schools could choose to have art or music, not both.)

Now one of those teachers is using the Adopt-A-Classroom website to solicit help for her classroom.

From Rebekah Laurenzi's page at Adopt-A-Classroom:

"My school district was recently blessed with a grant to put art classrooms and art teachers in every elementary school. I am the first art teacher at my school and I am eager to fill my classroom with the supplies and equipment our budding artists need and deserve. They will use your gifts not only to make beautiful and imaginative creations, but also to develop analytical thinking skills, cultural awareness, and the ability to express themselves in creative ways. Kids love and need art, so please help splash a little color on their school day! Please forward this to anyone you feel might be interested."

To help, click here.

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