Alleged Pot-Bellied Rapist's Creepy Texting



Germantown resident Natalie Forsyth "met" Bruce Tuck after being matched with him on a popular dating website near the beginning of the year.

The two spoke briefly on the phone once, and Forsyth told him she didn't think they had anything in common. But that didn't deter Tuck from continuing to contact her.

"He continued to text me at least once a week," she says. "His texts were often simply 'Good morning, beautiful' or 'Hope you are having a good weekend.'"

Tuck, the alleged "big-bellied" or "pot-bellied" rapist, was arraigned yesterday in Martin, Tennessee, on charges that he raped a UT student Sunday, August 30th, while he held her and two other people at gunpoint.

Police suspect Tuck of at least five assaults, three of which were in the Memphis area. In the most recent incident, police were able to use DNA to connect Tuck to the assault.

In June, Forsyth became fed up with Tuck's continued text messaging, even after she asked him repeatedly to stop.

"It wasn't the content of his texts as much as his relentless attempts to contact me. He gave me the creeps," she says.

"I texted him in return telling him in no uncertain terms to lose my number and leave me alone. He returned my text with angry texting, asking me what my problem was," she says. "I just kept texting, 'Leave me alone.' He then attempted to call me."

She did not answer the phone, and she says he still continued to text her. After recognizing his mug shot after it was posted to Facebook, she spoke with police.

"His most recent text was last week," she says. "He asked me when we would be spending some time together."

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