Overton Square Away?



Last week, when they tore down Anderton's — see the previous post — bloggers and commenters around town lamented the loss of the Midtown landmark. People scavenged through the wreckage to take home a piece of history, and there was some question as to why it was torn down now.

If you were one of the people upset about Anderton's, you might also be interested in the future of nearby Overton Square. Memphis Heritage will be hosting a meeting this Thursday, November 12th, to talk about the proposed Overton Square development. It will be at Memphis Heritage's Howard Hall, 2282 Madison, at 6 p.m. The developers have been invited to attend.


In June, the City Council passed a resolution that stipulated that any demolition at Overton Square would have to be approved by the council. The move was designed to insure there is a dialogue between the community and the developers before any permanent action is taken.

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