Community Congress in Frayser and Raleigh



Mayor A C Wharton's office just announced that the mayor would be convening a community congress Monday, November 30th, in response to recent gun-related fatalities in Frayser and Raleigh.

"The purpose of this meeting is to ignite a bottom-up, inside-out approach to addressing the epidemic of gun violence," Wharton is quoted in a release as saying. "I have repeatedly described gun crime as a public health crisis, and it must be treated just as we would any disease: with containment and prevention one person, household, block, and neighborhood at a time.”

The community congress, which will include citizens, law enforcement officers, business owners, and other stakeholders will take place at Golden Gate Cathedral, 3240 James Road.

Four recent murders have taken place within a four-square mile area of Golden Gate Cathedral.

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