Council Committee Approves Bass Pro Extension



The City Council's Housing and Community Development committee this morning approved extending Bass Pro Shops' lease on the Pyramid for an additional three months.

Bass Pro has been paying the city $35,000 a month while it does its due diligence on the facility, but the lease is set to expire at the end of December.

"I think we're down to insurance issues and structural integrity issues," Housing and Community Development head Robert Lipscomb told the committee.

Council member Barbara Swearengen Ware asked when the Bass Pro project might be a reality and Lipscomb said it would take at least another six to eight months.

"I have to say be patient. We don't have a viable alternative," Lipscomb said. "Second, the payoff is so huge it will be worth the wait. ... We're going to try to get this thing done with all deliberate speed. We're down to the flood wall and seismic issues but we hope to get them resolved by the first quarter of next year."

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