Memphis To Open First Dog Park Tomorrow



Random dog park
  • Random dog park

Memphis' first dog park, located near the Memphis City Schools Board of Education on Avery, opens tomorrow at 11 a.m.

The fenced, off-leash park will have designated areas for both dogs under 25 lbs. and over 25 lbs. All dogs must be vaccinated, and bags for "doggie waste" will be provided.

“More and more urban cities are incorporating dog parks as a progressive component of their park system. The Memphis Dog Park is something that we have been wanting to provide to the citizens of Memphis for some time”, Cindy Buchanan, director of Park Services, said in a statement.

The park is actually test site, so dog owners will have to bring their own water, though there will be benches. However, Park Services plans to carefully monitor the off-leash dog park to have a better idea of what amenities to include when building permanent parks.

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