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Random mohawked cat. B/c thats the kind of thing that makes my intern happy.
  • Random mohawked cat. B/c that's the kind of thing that makes my intern happy.
Today marks the beginning of the New Face for an Old Broad event on — where else? — historic Broad Avenue.

The street will be striped with protected bike lanes and pedestrian crosswalks, the vacant storefronts filled with businesses and eateries, and an empty parking lot turned into a skatepark.

“We’re trying to give the street a facelift,” says Pat Brown, co-owner of Broad’s T. Clifton Art Gallery.

I'm looking forward to my friend Melissa Anderson Sweazy's Happiness store and pop-up shops by Blues City Thrift and Strange Fruit Vintage, but with all the people and organizations involved, I think there's going to be lots of great things to see and do.


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