Ernest Lunati's Greatest Hits , #1: On the Trail of the 'Elusive White Man'; PLUS: Update, Greatest Hits, #10: 'Snitching for Safety'



During a forum for county mayoral candidates Wednesday night at the Institute for Success Center on Shelby Drive, few new points were made by the participants, with one exception. Candidate Ernest Lunati, who has had severral brushes with the law himself, lincluding a felony conviction on pornography charges, aid out several unique strategies for coping with the crises facing Shelby County.

Here, in the presence of Democratic candidates Joe Ford and Otis Jackson and his Republican opponent, Mark Luttrell, Lunati dicslosed the secret behind the county's drug trade and how he proposes to deal with it.

UPDATE -- 'Snitching for Safety: An Answer to the Hair-Pulling Epidemic'


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