Ford's Change of Mind About Running, As Seen by Himself, by Opponent Luttrell, and by a Heckler



Monday night was a good one for debate fans, as the major-party candidates for Shelby County Mayor and Sheriff went after it and exchanged some pretty good licks. The Sheriff’s debate took place at the the Hooks Main Library on Poplar under the auspices of the League of Women Voters, while the mayoral debate, sponsored by the Cordova leadership Council, transpired almost simultaneously at Advent Presbyterian Church on Germantown Parkway.

Typical of the pre-July 4 fireworks was this exchange between interim mayor Joe Ford, the Democratic candidate, and Sheriff Mark Luttrell, the Republican candidate for mayor. The subject: Ford’s change of mind about running.

Questioner/moderator is Andrew Douglas of WMC-TV, Action News 5. The heckler between candidates' answers is Leo Awgowhat, an independent candidate for mayor.


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