Nashville Speaks Again on Memphis' Confederate Parks

Scene pundit suggests different name changes: e.g., "Ashamed to Have Been Part of the Confederacy" Park



The fuss about Forrest Park et al. continues to get noticed in Nashville, even after state Rep.Steve McDaniel (R-Parker’s Crossroads) allowed as how his bill, designated the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act of 2013 and designed to prevent name changes, won’t apply retroactively to three newly renamed downtown Memphis parks.

The Nashville Scene is insisting that, as the headline of an article by their Bruce Barry says, “Hey Memphis, You're Doing This Parks Thing Wrong.”

Barry suggests that there was a flaw in the city's effort to satisfy every point of view in our local controversy, which saw the Memphis City Council rename Forrest Park as “Health Sciences Park,” Confederate Park as “Memphis Park,” and Jefferson Davis Park as “Mississippi River Park.

Instead of being so determined to eradicate references to Confederate history, he argues, the Council could have kept those references to the city’s 19th Century past while simultaneously pleasing all those 21st Century types who deplore everything about the defunct Confederacy.

How? Barry suggests that the Council could have done it through the simple expedient of some all-things-to-all-people names. To wit: : "Racist Nathan Bedford Forrest Park." "Blow Me Jefferson Davis Park." "Ashamed to Have Been Part of the Confederacy Park."

Now that the Council has named an official commission to renew this month’s name changes, do these names really belong in the conversation? Or would you folks prefer that the Council churn up some new names for those buttinsky/helpful (pick one) folks in Nashville? Whaddya think?

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