Sorry, Ricky, the Washington Post Says Isaac Richmond is the Real Challenger in the 9th


Dr. Isaac Richmond
  • Dr. Isaac Richmond

We’re not making this up; the Washington Post, long regarded as the nation’s leading political newspaper, ignores Ricky Wilkins, the chief opponent to incumbent 9th District congressman Steve Cohen in Thursday’s Democratic prijmary, in its Wednesday “Post Politics” column and focuses instead on Dr. Isaac Richmond, who is also on the ballot; what do they know that we don’t know?

— More Tennessee: Three House primaries to watch: In the 3rd District, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R) faces venture capitalist Weston Wamp (R), son of former Rep. Zach Wamp (R). In the 4th District, Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R) has been outspent by his primary opponent, state Sen. Jim Tracy (R). Tracy fell short of beating DesJarlais in 2010. And in the 9th District, Rep. Steve Cohen (D) faces pastor Isaac Richmond (D) in a race that hasn't had anywhere near the racial undertones that have marked previous challenges to Cohen.

Dr. Richmond, director of the Memphis-based Commission on Religion and Racism, is perhaps a more deserving candidate than the local media (ourselves included) have so far indicated, but this is one instance in which we have to challenge the long-established wisdom of the Post.

And we’d be greatly surprised if the ever-active local corps of Wilkins media-watchers don’t get on the phone to Washington pronto — if they haven’t already.

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