Ex-Senate Candidate Ball Going Through Changes

Knoxville lawyer files divorce papers, plans to relocate on Mud Island.


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Both the wear and tear of a statewide campaign and the broadening of horizons that naturally come with running in all the corners of Tennessee can produce changes in the life of a candidate. Take Gordon Ball, the Democrat who won a hard-fought Democratic primary campaign against fellow Knoxville lawyer Terry Adams and then lost to incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander in the general.

On the plus side, Ball, a graduate of the University of Memphis Law School whose son Tanner is now a student here, spent enough time in the Bluff City that he plans to transition at year's end from his life-long residence in East Tennessee to a residence on Memphis’ Mud Island.

On the down side, Ball also saw his marriage of less than a year to wife Happy, who accompanied him on his first several campaign trips to Memphis, come to an end. He planned to file divorce papers on Friday.

Meanwhile, Ball, who has resumed his law practice, says he intends to play some golf and take a post-election vacation in Naples.

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