Memphis Needs a Kiss-In



On Saturday, August 15th, gay and straight folks across the country will gather in public places for a synchronized make-out session with their partners during the Great Nationwide Kiss-In. But so far, Memphis is not participating.


At least, we're not on the official list of participating cities on the Great Nationwide Kiss-In's Facebook page. There's still time though, so if anyone is interested in becoming a local organizer, he or she should contact the group.

In July, a gay couple was detained by security and then cited for trespassing after they kissed on the plaza at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In June, two gay men were ejected from Chico's Mexican Restaurant in El Paso, Texas after a security guard saw them kissing at their table.

Those incidents inspired bloggers David Badash and David Mailloux to organize the national kiss-in protest, but they're hoping straight folks will join in as well.

"We need to make a strong statement to everyone everywhere: kissing is not a bad thing, nor has it ever been. It's not vulgar or inappropriate. It's a sign of affection that is as old as time itself. And it's a beautiful thing that we share with our loved ones every single day," reads their mission statement on Facebook.

Lots of cities are already organizing events, including Little Rock and Pigeon Forge, but Memphis has yet to join the party.


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