All Mayoral Candidates Support Non-Discrimination Ordinance


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In last night's mayoral debate on WMC-TV, all nine candidates present — Charles Carpenter, Wanda Halbert, AC Wharton, Carol Chumney, Kenneth Whalum, Sharon Webb, Prince Mongo, Jerry Lawler, and Myron Lowery — declared support for a non-discrimination ordinance protecting city of Memphis employees.

News anchor Joe Birch posed the question, but he didn't specifically mention that the ordinance would protect gay and lesbian workers. One would assume that's what he meant since he framed the question by comparing a possible city ordinance to the county ordinance intended to protect LGBT workers that passed earlier this year.


In other LGBT-related mayoral debate news, panelist and Memphis Flyer political reporter Jackson Baker asked candidate Whalum to explain what happened with the two lesbians who claimed they were ejected from his New Olivet Baptist Church last Sunday.

Whalum avoided the question, saying he would "absolutely, positively not" explain what happened.

Whalum went on to say: "You know what happened. Nothing happened out of the ordinary. Find out. Come over there and find out."



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