Remembering Amnesia



Several years before I moved to Memphis in 2002, my friends and I made monthly pilgrimages to the Bluff City to hang out at Amnesia, the popular gay club housed at 2866 Poplar (now home to Senses).

Senses is going gay!
  • Senses is going gay!

Memories are fuzzy, but a few things stand out. One time, when the club hosted an amateur strip night, I recognized a guy from my high school baring it all. I also have fond memories of the pool, located where Senses' patio is now. And I was once stranded outside the club after closing time when one of my best buds took off for a one-night stand with a hot lawyer. I waited and waited on the club's front steps after everyone else had cleared out. Eventually, an off-the-clock drag queen exited the club and warned me that the area wasn't safe after dark. Thankfully my friend returned within the hour, and I made it back to Arkansas in one piece.

Senses, which has primarily been a straight club for years, is bringing the old gay club back with Retro Amnesia Nights on Thursdays and Saturdays. With Backstreet temporarily closed, the club saw a massive turnout last weekend. And though the pool won't be making a comeback, a few things have changed for the better — clean bathrooms and mod, funky decor beat Amnesia's crusty old interior any day.

Thursdays are Beer Bust Nights from 10 p.m. to midnight with a $5 cover. Saturdays feature plenty of dancing and a drag revue for a $10 cover ($15 for those under 21). For more, check out Senses' website.


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