"Special Access to Discriminate" Bill Withdrawn



Glen Casada
  • Glen Casada

On Wednesday, March 24th, Franklin, Tennessee Republican state representative Glen Casada withdrew his bill banning Tennessee cities from passing non-discrimination ordinances protecting LGBT employees of city contractors. But he told The Tennessean that he'd be bringing the bill back in two weeks.

Dubbed the "Special Access To Discriminate" Act by LGBT equality advocates, Casada's bill came after Nashville-Davidson County's Metro Council took up an ordinance protecting LGBT workers at companies that contract with the metro area. Shelby County Commissioner Steve Mulroy attempted to pass a similar ordinance here two years ago, but the language was watered down to exclude contractors.

Casada said he withdrew the bill as a "parliamentary move," and he plans to put the bill back on notice in two weeks. In the interim, he will lobby the bill's opponents, one of whom is Cordova Republican Representative Steve McManus.

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