Ex-Memphis Cop Sentenced for Transgender Beating


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Bridges McRae
  • Bridges McRae

Former Memphis Police officer Bridges McRae was sentenced yesterday to two years in prison and two years of supervised release for violating the rights of Duanna Johnson and for tax evasion.

In 2008, McRae was videotaped beating Johnson, a transgender woman, over the head inside the booking area at the Shelby County Criminal Justice Complex. Johnson, who was murdered later that year in a seemingly-unrelated incident, told media that McRae called her "he/she" and "faggot."

McRae also evaded his federal income taxes from 2004 to 2008 by providing the City of Memphis a W-4 form that claimed he had 99 dependents. As a result, the city did not hold any taxes out of his paycheck.


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