Saying Gay: The Documentary


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A group of Tennesseans are planning a documentary project highlighting Representative Stacey Campfield's SB49, a.k.a. the "Don't Say Gay" bill. That bill preventing elementary and middle school educators from teaching anything outside "natural reproduction science" passed the state Senate last month, but it's still dead for awhile since the House previously declined to take it up.

The documentary project will only happen if organizers raise $25,000 by June 20th. Right now, that doesn't look so likely. So far, they've only raised just more than $3,000 using this Kickstarter campaign.


If you're interested in making a donation, here's what you'll get: A film featuring interviews with LGBT students who have been the victims of bullies (or students who have been bullied because other kids assume they're gay), interviews with parents and teachers, and an in-depth analysis of the bill with lawmakers, therapists, and community leaders.

If organizers reach their goal, shooting would begin in late June and the film would be released by January 2012. Click here for more information.



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