MGLCC Launches "Gimme 5" Campaign




In an effort to maintain a reliable funding source, the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center has launched the "Gimme 5" campaign asking supporters to give money or time in increments of five.

For example, donors can pledge $5 a day, $5 a week, or even as little as $5 a month. Or supporters who might be pressed for cash can volunteer five hours a week or five hours a month.

From the MGLCC's newsletter:

"In the course of one week, what do you spend $5 or 5 minutes or 5 hours doing? Without even blinking an eye, I can spend $5 on soft drinks each week or buying coffee for a friend and myself, or even occasionally indulging in a glass of wine. But what if I gave up a few colas and automatically gave $5 to MGLCC instead? I might shed a pound or two (or 5) but I would also be helping my community by systematically supporting the operations of MGLCC. Without even blinking an eye, my $5 a week will provide a predictable source of support to MGLCC so it can plan for the future and carry out its important work without missing a beat."

To participate, click here and click on the Donate Now button.


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