Extras Needed for Tennessee Queer


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Local filmmaker Mark Jones (Eli Parker Is Getting Married, Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island) is seeking extras for his next feature-length digital film, Tennessee Queer.

Jones is looking for extras from all walks of life to shoot for 11 different sessions from Sept. 28th through Oct. 24th. Some extras will be cast as re-occurring characters and will need to be filmed on multiple days. Some extras will have speaking parts. E-mail Morgan Jon Fox, another local filmmaker who is helping Jones with the project, at tnq.extras@gmail.com with a recent photo and availability.

In the film, the lead character, Jason Potts, returns from his adult life living out and proud in New York to his hometown of Smyth, Tennessee. In an effort to show gay high school kids in the small town that life does get better, Potts asks the city council to approve a gay pride parade. He doesn't expect it to be approved, but he hopes the situation will earn him a little media attention so kids can see a successful gay man from their hometown.

But conservative council member Dwayne Cotton is seeking the mayoral seat and decides to support the parade so he can secretly figure out who is gay. He covertly plans to send his town's gay kids into a straight camp. As the parade date approaches, Jason and Dwayne's plans collide.



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