Film About Drag Queen with Memphis Roots Needs Funding



A film crew from Los Angeles has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a film about Ms. Venus, a 53-year-old Mobile, Alabama drag queen with Memphis roots.

While in her 20s, Mobile resident Devin Ford met Ms. Venus, and the charismatic queen helped re-shape Ford's worldview. A self-professed "white, straight, Southern, former Evangelical," Ford says she was amazed to see someone as comfortable in her own skin as Ms. Venus. The film will chronicle the pair's relationship and Ms. Venus' life journey.

Ms. Venus relocated to Mobile from Memphis, where she was the only African-American man working the on the Memphis Queen riverboat. Parts of the documentary will be filmed in Memphis as Ms. Venus discusses that part of her life.

The crew hopes to raise $50,000 by Tuesday, May 15th to move further with the project. Currently, they've only shot a trailer for the Kickstarter page. To donate, go here.


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