Dru's Place Gets a Makeover


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A view of the new wraparound bar as seen from the pool room.
  • Dru's Place Facebook page
  • A view of the new wraparound bar as seen from the pool room.

With only a couple of gay bars left in the Bluff City, Dru's Place — once known as primarily a lesbian bar — has revamped its space to accommodate more patrons in its bar area.

Since Crossroads closed last November, Dru's has been hosting displaced drag queens, essentially turning the lesbian bar into an all-around gay bar. Of course, everyone was always welcome. But these days, Dru's has a more traditional "gay bar" ambiance.

Over the past month, Dru's staff have been posting photos of the remodeled bar on its Facebook page. Part of the wall has been removed between the bar and the pool table room, creating an extra space for bar seating. The old worn-down bar stools have been replaced. The bar and walls have a fresh coat of paint, and the pool table area boasts new lighting fixtures.

The renovation is nearly complete, and the bar is open for business. On Saturday, May 4th, Dru's Place is hosting a "Turnabout Night," at which patrons are invited to "watch our Queens become Kings and our Kings become Queens."


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